August 26 & 27, 2016

Ohmstead Music Festival

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August 26-28
Hannons Camp America – College Corner/Oxford OH.

Ohmstead is back again for its 15th year and were COMING TO AMERICA…… CAMP AMERICA THAT IS!!

with 2 nights of Elementree Livity Project + The Ohms reunion set + many more amazing acts to be announced soon…

This is our 15th annual OHMSTEAD. Over the years we have enjoyed drum workshops, morning yoga, kid science workshops, massage therapy, karaoke, many creative vendors, good food, and most importantly GREAT music.

OHMSTEAD’S mission is to create positivity through good people and amazing, conscious, jamming, rocking music. From reggae, rock, hip-hop, jazz, jam, acoustic, electronic and much more we keep it MORE interesting and MORE diverse!!


Ohmstead brings you the most diverse regional and national touring artists!
Ohmstead offers the BEST sound and lighting production in the region!
Ohmstead brings you some of the tastiest eats, and the most unique merchandise vendors around!

Artist Lineup!

Initial Artists for 2016!

More artist announcements soon!

Elementree Livity Project
“Combining the best of multiple genres into a cohesive, catchy and memorable sound is not a simple thing to do. Yet, this Cincinnati-based, multi-talented quintet does just that. Fuse “old school” Rock-n-Roll with Jam & Roots and masterfully layer it over a solid Reggae base and you have the distinct sound of Elementree Livity Project. Whether in a room at the back of a coffee house or an auditorium for thousands, ELP brings people together. When the band clicks on all cylinders, it’s noticeable.” – Michael Clare, mikecimages.
East Coast Reggae Jam Rock band, TreeHouse! jams hundreds of shows a year, sharing stages with 311, SOJA, Steel Pulse, Dirty Heads, The Wailers, Pepper, and more, as well as spreading their music and their message to thousands of people who are ready for something refreshingly new.</p> <p>The TreeHouse! single, "Blessings" was picked by Stephen Marley and Ky-Mani Marley as one of the top 20 out of hundreds of contestants in the Marley's Music Uprising.</p> <p>With two official albums out on iTunes and a 3rd on the way, over 7000 fans and growing, and solid touring from Florida to Vermont to Tennessee to the Virgin Islands, and every festival in between, this band is thriving in 2016!
The Ohms - Reunion Set
The Ohms are a mix of reggae, rock, and many other styles combined in a tasteful mix of quality frequencies for the masses to enjoy. Their vocals bring a strong sense of awareness and consciousness and their music brings fans of all genres together. All around the world reggae music is growing in popularity. The Ohms provide a passionate and authentic way of bringing elements of popular reggae and world music from around the globe and integrating them into American popular music styles. The Ohms not only allow you to listen to great music, but to feel great music and to inspire consciousness.
Obie Won
OBIE WON AKA SPLIFF HUX hails from Cleveland, Ohio, specifically Cleveland Heights. Blessed with an exceptional ability to integrate words, syllables and phrases seamlessly into a format that sounds like no one past, present or future, there is no limit to where music will take him. OBIE WON is a student of late 80’s, early 90’s Hip-Hop which drives his focus on making music with substance and cultural relevance as opposed to following trends. Growing up under his Daddy, he was exposed to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Jacob Miller and later Roots Dancehall artists such as Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Capleton, Anthony B etc.
Cincinnati, Ohio’s Rockstead is living proof that spreading good vibes and positivity, while also having a hellacious work ethic, will get you to where you want to be in life, both physically and spiritually. After a breakout 2015 that included multiple music festivals and concerts at venues across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, - and having already completed two albums in that time span - Rockstead shows no signs of slowing their mission of bringing people together through music. Using this message, Rockstead combines a unique mix of reggae, rock, and punk derived from multitude of influences ranging from 311 to Sublime all the way to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Foo Fighters.
Maoli (meaning “Native” in Hawaiian) started in Maui with Glenn Awong, a 14 year-old with a passion for music, and Kana Akiu-Corpuz. In their sophomore year, the aspiring vocalist and bassist began writing original music at the encouragement of their high school teacher. It was also during this time that Glenn started recording demos of his songs. By the time he reached his senior year, Glenn was ready to share his music with a greater audience.</p> <p>In 2005, Glenn and the band he formed, “No Boundaries”, won a Battle of the Bands competition on the island of Maui. With numerous performances already under his belt, Glenn then formed Maoli in 2007 with a new lineup of talented musicians, including bassist, Kana.</p> <p>Maoli took the islands by storm in 2008 with their debut album entitled, “Groovin” having one hit after the next (“No One”, “Write Me A Letter”, and “So Incredible”); this was the groundbreaking album that first established the group as a premiere Hawaiian Island Reggae recording band. In 2010, Maoli did it again with their 2nd release, “Rock Easy”, featuring another treasure trove of #1 hits “Breaking My Heart”, “Whisper” and “Rock Easy”. Their 3rd album entitled “Arise” took to a national and international audience exploring Maolis love for various genres of music. “Blew it”, "Something about your love" and “Time to get over” are jus some of the diverse hits that this album displays. Maoli’s road to success continued as they toured the islands and the world promoting their very own unique Island sound.</p> <p>In 2012 Maoli welcomed new band member, guitarist & vocalist, Nu’u Sing-Kahalehau. Nu’u hails from a background of musicians, including his father, Shane Kahalehau otherwise known as “Hawaiian Homeboy”. But Nu’u isn’t a stranger to Maoli, as his talents were also featured on the “Rock Easy” album.</p> <p>Now, the boys are currently in the studio recording new music and a 4th album to follow. Original songs will be penned by the band’s founder and leader Glenn Awong as well as Nuu Sing-Kahalehau as new musical and life influences inspire these talented men. Prepare for smashing new music coming soon.</p> <p>Stay true to your roots as their style continuously evolves and they spread their sound to a city near you!

Know Prisoners
Know Prisoners is Jonathan Spaulding, Cal Kuhlman, Derrick Davidson & Nikko Manamikko, an uber-dynamic group with a knack for multi-instrumentalism, soul-touching vocals, catchy melodies and mind-bending musicianship. Heavy on the Reggae flavor, as well as major influences by John Mayer, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, John Legend, D'Angelo, Paul Simon, Parliament, Stevie Wonder.
The Magic Lightnin' Boys
If nothing else, you have to give props to the The Magic Lightnin' Boys for one thing; they have been able to make a nod to the past sound fresh and modern. Their combination of hard rock and blues should sound similar to other bands who have tried (and failed) to make this sound appealing to a generation who has heard it all, but it doesn't. Not only does it retain a keen sense of identity at all times, it also serves as the perfect springboard for the new foursome out of Ohio. The songwriting matches that of a veteran band that have been playing together for years, and coupled with vocalist Casey Gomez's passionate wails, it won't be hard for them to land a strong fanbase. The funky presence of the bass throughout the entire release meshes perfectly with the organic production, especially on highlight track "Broken Dream". Gomez emotes perfectly while reminiscing about a time that showed nothing but promise. The track takes on a slow-burning pace that explodes outward in a maelstrom of needle-sharp solos and frantic drumming at the end, and this shows the real strength of the band in general. The instruments are played in tandem, never overshadowing each other; it creates a dynamic listen that can shift from soulful and heartfelt to aggressive and boisterous. "Devil's Lettuce" swings from a low-key, subdued soul ditty to a high-energy blues jam several times throughout the track quite naturally.<br />
Junya Be
A concert goes from being a concert, to being an experience, when Junya Be and Wazali is on the bill. There is an infectious energy that flows from the stage.. into the crowd.. through people’s veins.. then out their feet.. then up the walls.. and takes over the whole venue! Finally finding that perfect squad to accompany him on the stage, his 7-piece ensemble called Wazali ensures that onlookers will be thoroughly entertained and taken on a journey. Warning: Junya Be & Wazali is on the loose! Watch out!!!</p> <p>It’s all about love in Junya Be’s world. He creates songs on many different subjects with many different themes, but some things are clear – he is on the side of righteousness; lives in love with only hatred for hatred; promotes unity and sponsors progression; fights injustice and chants down Babylonian system; believes in oneness with the universe; and gives thanks and praises to Jah. It is also fairly evident that he is extremely fly, and that he has an affinity for high grade ganja and lovely ladies. And he will let you know all about it.</p> <p>Every single person under the sun is truly one-of-a-kind. Some people just reflect that sunshine a little louder than others. Junya Be to the worldddd!!!!! BOOM!!!
Eyeris Wide
There is a fresh sound coming from the Queen City these days; no it’s not the sound of more construction. The band Eyeris Wide is made up of musical talent from across Southwest Ohio including Ben Shalloe (Vocals, Guitar), , Steve Asher (Guitar), Josh Folino (Mandolin), Nathan Adkins aka Napkins (Percussion) Andrew Baxter (Drums), and Psycho D of the Reggae/Rock band The Ohms ( Bass) to create an Acoustic Jam sound like no other.</p> <p>The band is influenced by such great as The Grateful Dead, Ekoostik Hookah, Bob Dylan, Dave Mathews, and more.
Red, Bean, & The Groovebox
Classic blues, Rock, and country
Sun-Dried Vibes
Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message. SDV will be heard, since their inception the group has played around 275 dates a year. The trio of road warriors quickly became a festival favorite with two full length albums under their belt and a long list of tour history that grabbed fans from all demographics. In 2014 one of the most progressive promoters in the world took notice and added SDV to the major festival 'California Roots: Carolina Sessions' sharing the bill with the Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Katchafire and more in Wilmington, NC.
Roots of a Rebellion
Roots of a Rebellion [ROAR] hail from Nashville, TN and bolster Reggae-Rock-Dub music for the soul. In between touring, ROAR released their debut, full-length album "Heartifact" on August 8, 2014</p> <p>Having shared the stage with The Wailers, Rebelution, NEEDTOBREATHE, Slightly Stoopid, moe, Trombone Shorty, North Mississippi Allstars, SOJA, and countless others, Roots of a Rebellion is proud to represent another side of Music City, USA.<br />
Subterranean is Chuckie Love on bass formerly from the Werks, Danny Sauers on Sax formerly from Heavy Weather and Romeo Champagne, Rob Brockman on Drums formerly from The Maji and Magic Jackson, and Chris Coalt on guitar formerly from Romeo Champagne. We joined forces to start a Wed. night jam @ our favorite spot J-Alans. From the first note it was clear this is a band with a capital B. Since then the band has spread like wild fire into Columbus, Cincy, Dayton and has made its way on to the Festival scene playing The Werk Out, Snugglefest, Family Roots, May Daze, Mad Tea Party and many others. The Subterranean House Band is just getting started and has a ton of potential to continue to grow and spread the love.
Yung N Official (YNO)
Yung ‘n’ Official is a premier entertainment group/brand based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Made up of a tightly knit web of friends called the TreeHouseCorp (THC). Y-n-O / THC encompasses emceeing, singing, dancing, deejaying, performing, production, promotions, dance, fashion and even its own management company. It is simply a family and support system for artist of many kinds. The crew is led by Phonzirelli & MR eFfAy eMeE. Also includes a strong repertoire of artists such as T. Wiz. , Jaybee Lamahj, & Lunar.
Beneath the Surface
We are Beneath The Surface productions! We are equipped with some of the most creative music artists, producers, visual media staff, & DJs in the midwest! We are not only here to expand your mind musically but also your brand with the production, visual, and entertainment services that we offer!
See You in The Funnies
See You In The Funnies is a five piece powerhouse alternative rock band from Cincinnati Ohio.<br /> With hip hop like vibes from Sublime and monster guitar sounds from the likes of the Foo Fighters, SYITF is sure to grab you hook line and sinker.</p> <p>The Funnies have been dropping bombs on the Cincinnati music scene since 2012.<br /> Starting as a three piece acoustic act focusing on stellar song writing and hair raising vocal harmonies.<br /> The band eventually added full drums, bass and a third guitar. Truly encompassing an original sound that keeps you coming back for more.<br /> The Funnies released their first collection of songs in June 2014 on a self titled CD. The band quickly started getting radio play from local Cincinnati stations including WEBN, 96Rock and ClassX. This past September 2015 marked the release of the Funnies second collection of tunes titled "Floozie".<br /> The E.P. is getting an enormous amount of attention from audiences and radio stations.<br /> The band is gaining an even larger fan base from playing shows with monster rockers,<br /> like Scott Weiland of "STP" and selling out local music venues.<br /> This is a band you can be proud to talk about. See You In The Funnies are on their way to the top.





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Check out some of these videos from Ohmstead 2015!

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